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Thread: Network Limited

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    Network Limited

    I posted not too long ago about limited connectivity.
    which I'm still having problems with...

    I read somewhere that making a connection with a DSL is bit different...

    I posted my IP Config. and I have to manually press connect to get internet.

    I get this Multiple Network icon and limited connectivity.

    I have one desktop and no wireless devices. my computer is connected by LAN line from wall to modem to my computer.

    That's what my network says as in status...
    I don't know if those things are ok...

    so why do i have two different network and keep saying that it has multiple network? and my internet is limited...

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    Re: Network Limited

    You have multiple enabled network interfaces. If you can id what interface is limited you can go into device manager and disable it. Then it won't show.

    PS. your config of modem in bridge mode to a switch means you are raw on the internet. Only protection you have is a software firewall. Great way to get hacked or have a port trojan get to your system. Consider replacing the switch with a soho router.

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    Re: Network Limited

    Disable Multiple Network Connections

    Use an Ethernet connection when you are close to an Ethernet jack. Ethernet jacks are available in all residence halls, administrative buildings and in public classrooms. Otherwise, use a wireless connection to connect to the campus network. Wireless Coverage Areas
    To disable your wireless connection, remove the external wireless card from your computer.
    To disable your Ethernet connection, unplug your Ethernet cable from its jack.
    To internally disable either connection:
    Windows Vista
    Go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
    In the left-hand column, click Manage network connections.
    A new window will open. Right-click Local Area Connection, then select Disable.

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    Re: Network Limited

    Hi There...
    Your network shows you multiple network, but that isn't an issue. It is because then line or cable comes from the outside network obviously. So it is connected to network. Now different users may have their different home or private networks and hence give different workgroup name. This causes the different or multiple network. Well Windows Vista n Windows 7 shows all the network computers under Network and not in different workgroups.
    Secondly When the dialog box appears to connect and you don't want it to wait for your permission or you want the connection to be automatic in nature click on the properties button, click on options tab [the second tab] then reomve the chek mark from the second box which says prompt for username password etc...
    Not click OK / Close where applicable. And it will dail the connection automatically...
    Thirdly, Give any manual IP address to your LAN card and the limited network conncetivity issue will vanish...
    All the best...!
    Anymore issues post back...!

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