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Thread: Google Talk launch fishing attack by Hacker

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    Google Talk launch fishing attack by Hacker

    hi i am normally daily user of internet and mainly working on gmail so i used Google talk but recently i am bit curious about hacking activity on internet after i had bad experience about that please can any body tell me is hacker using gtalk to attack on user and how can avoid this please reply thank you.

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    Re: Google Talk launch fishing attack by Hacker

    yes it is true if you received any link dont click on that and simply do not add suspicious people that would be best option to be safe.

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    Re: Google Talk launch fishing attack by Hacker

    the hacker to use the false good friend message to swindle the user the account information.
    Perhaps already had Google the Talk user to receive from good friend's this kind of information: “hi, has a look at this section of video frequencies! http://tinyurl .com/xyz.”If thought that this comes from the video frequency content which the good friend recommends, that user will fall into the snare which the hacker designs.

    After the user clicks on this link, will be arrived again by the direction detection Viddyho .com, a succinct debarkation page, the request user will input Google Talk the user name and the password, then may watch the video frequency. This time, perhaps some users will perceive that to “mysterious”, but was swindled the user was also not infrequent.

    After obtaining Google Talk registers the information, this website ( to Google Talk all contact people repeatedly will transmit this news. In addition, also not yet discovered at present has other malicious act.

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    Re: Google Talk launch fishing attack by Hacker

    “Potentially a hacker who has grabbed your Gmail password could have accessed your entire address book and scooped up all of your correspondence, including information that you may have archived about other online accounts,” wrote Sophos' senior technology consultant Graham Cluley in a blog post. “Because people are more used to receiving suspicious communications via email than instant messaging chat sessions, there's a chance that some users may be more likely to fall into the trap."

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