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Thread: Problem with Norton spyware

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    idea Problem with Norton spyware

    Hello Friends

    I have installed Norton antivirus software on my system. The problem is that my Norton finds some spyware stuff while scanning but can't get rid out of it? Can any one tell me why this problem occurs on my system? Any help on it would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Problem with Norton spyware

    One of the most troubling areas for users and administrators is the unexpected impact spyware and adware programs can have on a system or a network's performance. System crashes, bogged-down Internet connections, and unusual Web browser behavior all fall into the category of "performance impact," which measures the effect of a security risk program on a system's stability, speed, and performance. Programs that score higher in this category can produce wasted hours of troubleshooting, increased calls to the IT help desk, or irritating disruptions.

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    Re: Problem with Norton spyware

    Norton is a horrible program to begin with.

    For your protection needs I would use.

    AVG Free
    Sunbelt Firewall

    Run a SuperAntiSpyware scan and also a Spybot Search and Destroy scan.

    Honestly, those free solutions will protect you better than Norton, it is not very good at all.

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