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Thread: Weird Router Problem

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    Weird Router Problem

    I have Windows XP a PS3 and a Belkin wireless N router.

    When I have my pc connected to the router I cannot access the Internet.
    I can access it on my PS3 (which is wireless).

    When I remove the cable from the router and connect it back to my modem
    my PC can access the Internet.

    Is there something that I could have done wrong?

    I have the cable from my PC going to one of the grey computer ports on the router for a wired connection. (The router supports 4 wired connections)

    I have the either cable going from the Router to the Modem

    and the DSL phone cable going into the Modem.

    My brother has the same setup and he was up and running in 10 minutes.
    I, on the other hand spend an hour on tech support with Belkin and 2 hours with HP?

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Weird Router Problem

    Macs are typically plug n' play, the issue doesn't seem to be your belkin router (USB, correct?), that is if you are connecting to your router through OS X the proper way. The issue is probably router side, it seems that it may not be configured properly. Do you know how to get into your airport's settings?
    To configure your router, do the following:
    1) Plug in an ethernet cable to your macbook, and connect the other end to the router.
    2) Open a web browser, and type in the following address:
    3) If you are unable to connect to the airport, repeat the above procedure but attempt to use or as the IP address.
    4) Make sure wirelses is enabled, and that there are no security settings currently set to your wireless. If there is, make sure your laptop is compliant when connecting (security wise, with a password, or a WEP key).

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    Re: Weird Router Problem

    I would think there's no advantage in going with just the one manufacturer; the output from your modem (and input into the router) is Ethernet, and that's a pretty basic, standard, homogeneous technology right now.

    If you're doing troubleshooting of one or the other, it's pretty simply to pin down the bad one anyway - just unplug the router and plug your computer directly into the modem. So I wouldn't think that would be an issue, either.

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    Re: Weird Router Problem

    Milton, I thank you for trying to help. You may have misunderstood my
    enviornment. I do not have a MAC.

    1 HP Desktop
    1 PS3
    1 DSL Modem
    1 Belkin wireless router.

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    Re: Weird Router Problem

    Jarvis, I am not sure what you are telling me?

    You basically repeated what I stated in my initial posting.

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    Re: Weird Router Problem

    Yeah i had that problem it took a week till i tried plugging in my router to my HP laptop

    and it worked i got online and it was going pretty fast so i suggest :

    -If your running your laptop on wireless, get your laptop connected to your router.

    -If that does not work you should call technical support
    or get help.

    -If they say its your router you should return it and buy a new one.

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