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Thread: File replication in windows

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    File replication in windows

    I have a need to establish replication between 2 servers, both running Windows 2003 Server OS, linked by T1.we are only concerned about "one-way" replication. does any one have idea about this if yes then please reply. thank you.

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    Re: File replication in windows

    here i am not best but i think You can setup a task by putting the copy command into a batch file and to run the copy after hours.also you can use COPY or XCOPY from a command line.

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    Re: File replication in windows

    Check out FRS (File replication service) in the help system or you can try ROBOCOPY . By default Robocopy will only copy a file if the source and destination have different time stamps or different file sizes.

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    Re: File replication in windows

    have tried looking all over the about replication but it hasn't been much help but best information for troubleshoot is here

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    There are quite a few different ways of doing this.

    Does it have to be batched or realtime?

    Batched stuff there are LOTS of Free tools. Do a search and it will yield 100s.

    Realtime there are mostly commercial companies.

    DoubleTake is a . I think you can get an evaluation but there isnt a free version.

    Cofio have have a free version if you register. The free version is limited to number of systems I believe but in your case should not be a an issue. AIMstor Data Replication

    Other commercial companies include BakBone, Atempo, Symmentec, EMC. To my knowledge they all charge.

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