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Thread: Having Virus & Spyware problem

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    OMFG Having Virus & Spyware problem

    Hello everybody,

    My computer is full of viruses and spyware I wanted to know that how can i remove viruses and spyware from my pc. I'm using pentium 4 with windows xp on it. Can any one help me out to resolve this problem?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Having Virus & Spyware problem

    Have you install any antivirus software on your computer. If not then, here are some of the tools which are recommend one, which you can easily download which are totally free of cost and does great job if used properly.

    1. AVG, a very good antivirus and above all totally free.

    2. Hijackthis. 'The' tool for cleaning up job.

    3. Malwarebytes. very useful tool for removing rootkit, adware, spyware.

    4. SDfix. this is a geek tool, but quite effective.

    5. Combofix, this is also a geek tool but the creater has put some uselessly expiry thing.

    6. Spybot search and Destroy. a great spyware removal tool.

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    Re: Having Virus & Spyware problem

    Malwarebytes & Superanti Spyware are the recommended software which you can easily download from the internet. Install it on your computer and then update and scan your computer with both Malwarebytes and uperantiSpyware. Delete what ever you find while scanning, if it fails to completely remove the virus/spyware from your pc,then download updated Avast antivirus software from the internet. Run a boot scan on your system which will remove all the viruses and spywares from your computer.(Click schedule boot-time scan and restart your PC)

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    Re: Having Virus & Spyware problem

    Follow the below steps in order to keep your computer free from viruses and spywares.

    * Keep your computer updated with the latest patches and updates antivirus softwares as soon as possible.

    * Make sure your computer is configured securely, especially when it comes to configuring your Web browser and email software. Security and privacy settings can often be configured without any special expertise, simply by using the "Help" feature of your software, or visiting the vendor’s web site.

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