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Thread: Set or change file and folder security settings

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    Set or change file and folder security settings

    Is there any way to set or change the file and folder security settings? May be through command line (I suppose)! I want to change the rights of certain folders like "full control", etc.

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    Re: Set or change file and folder security settings

    Go to windows explorer, Tools menu, choose Folder Options, click the view
    tab, at the bottom uncheck USE SIMPLE FILE SHARING. You should be able to have your security option.

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    Re: Set or change file and folder security settings

    CACLS is a Windows NT command-line utility that is used to display or modify file or directory access control lists (ACLs). CACLS can be used to modify the ACLs on files or directories. This ability is often useful for adding or deleting a user or group permission without modifying other existing permissions. The GUI in File Manager or Windows NT Explorer is currently limited to replacing the ACLs.

    CACLS can also be used to change permissions for groups with names containing a space: when specifying such a group, it is necessary to delimit the name of the group with double quotes (for example, "group name").

    CACLS cannot be used to create "special" permissions. It is currently limited to the permissions No Access, Read, Change, and Full Control.

    The "None" permission and the "Deny" parameter in CACLS are equivalent to "No Access" in the GUI. The "Revoke" parameter deletes an explicit permission but does not prevent the use of permissions that a user might have through membership in other groups.

    For example:

    To change the ACLs of all files and directories on drive C to allow full control for the Administrators local group:

    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. Type:
    cacls c:\ /t /e /g Administrators:f

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    Re: Set or change file and folder security settings

    In Microsoft Windows XP, special access permissions are customizable sets of permissions. This means that you can apply special access permissions to files or folders that are located on NTFS file system volumes. This article describes how to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders.

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