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Thread: Problem in Tracking Cookies

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    Problem in Tracking Cookies

    hi there.....
    new to this site ....
    i just wanted to know that is there any software or tool to track cookies?

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    Re: Problem in Tracking Cookies

    A cookie can be defined as a plain text file that gets store on your computer in a temporary folder that keeps data about in a browsing session. If you log in a website it will set a cookie to temporarily store file as your information so you don’t have to log in each and every time you try to change a page.

    A tracking cookie can be explained as a cookie that tracks your browsing activity. People in the market field use this data to understand how users use unknown websites and optimize networks for the average user that visits their networks.

    Some people have problem with cookies, as they define it as a spyware, and always delete them.

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    Re: Problem in Tracking Cookies

    Cookies can also be used for tracking the path of a user while visiting the web pages of a site. This can also be done in part by using the IP address of the computer requesting the page or the referer field of the HTTP header, but cookies allow for a greater precision. This can be done for example as follows:
    If the user requests a page of the site, but the request contains no cookie, the server presumes that this is the first page visited by the user; the server creates a random string and sends it as a cookie back to the browser together with the requested page;
    From this point on, the cookie will be automatically sent by the browser to the server every time a new page from the site is requested; the server sends the page as usual, but also stores the URL of the requested page along with the date/time and the cookie in a log file.

    By looking at the log file, it is then possible to find out which pages, and in which sequence, the user has visited. For example, if the log contains some requests done using the cookie id=dfhsiw, these requests all come from the same user. The URL and time/date stored with the cookie allows finding out which pages the user has visited, and at which time.

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    Re: Problem in Tracking Cookies

    Follow these steps and you will have your solution:

    Try Deleting currently saved cookies from your computer system. In any web browser you are using currently, click Tools, Internet Options and then click the Delete Cookies option on the General tab. Then in Firefox web browser, click Tools, Options and then Click the Privacy icon in the sidebar and then click the Clear button to the right hand side of the Cookies heading.

    Just clear there what you want to block from all third-party cookies. In any web browser, click Tools, Internet Options. Then on the Privacy tab, click on Advanced option. Try to select the Override automatic cookie handling check box, and then just click Block under the Third-party Cookies heading. In Firefox web browser, click Tools, Options. Try to Click the Privacy icon in the sidebar and then click the plus sign to the left hand side of the Cookies heading for expanding your list of available options. Finally Click to select both available options: Allow sites to set cookies and for the originating web site only.

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