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Thread: Replication and GP issues

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    Replication and GP issues


    Problems facing:
    1. Replication not working from DC to ADCs
    2. Group policies are not applying on client machines or on ADC. But successfully applying on DC.
    3. \\Domain\sysvol\domain path is not accessible from clients or from ADC. But can be accessible from DC.

    Background Info:
    Recently upgraded our DC from 2000 to 2003. After upgrading to 2003, configured ADC, but it is not fully replicated with DC (SYSVOL and NETLOGIN are not automatically shared in ADC after DCPROMO). Situation is same till now.
    So due to this above scenario, I dont have the option to transfer/seize roles from old DC as I dont have fully functioning DC.
    IMP: DC was upgraded 2 months back and Group policies were working till 15th JAN. Ofcource replication from DC to ADC never worked.
    I suspect at two points..One is with DNS, becaues ForestDNSzones and DomainDnsZones are not appearing in DNS after 15th.
    Second is with Security database, bacause event IDs 1925, 1126 and 1104 are frequently coming in DC.

    Things done till now under troubleshooting:
    1. Reset machine account password
    2. checked SMB siging related issues. (No issues)
    3. DNS completely reconfigured.(DomainDnszones and ForestDnsZones still not appearing in DNS console. But they are present in CN=partitons. Checked with ADSIedit.
    4. Checked for SYSVOL permissions and found no issues.
    To remind you again GPO are applying on DC but not on ADC and other client machines.
    5. Reconfigured secedit.sdb

    Events frequently getting:
    On Domain Controller:
    On ADC and on other clients:
    1030 and 1058

    I appreciate your help in this regard.

    Raju P.

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    Re: Replication and GP issues

    It seems more likely to be the DNS configuration problem. Check srv records

    use Replmon
    See when a replication partner fails.

    View the history of successful and failed replication changes for troubleshooting purposes.

    View the properties of directory replication partners.

    Create your own applications or scripts written in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) to extract specific data from Active Directory.

    View a snapshot of the performance counters on the computer, and the registry configuration of the server.

    Generate status reports that include direct and transitive replication partners, and detail a record of changes.

    Find all direct and transitive replication partners on the network.

    Display replication topology.

    Poll replication partners and generate individual histories of successful and failed replication events.

    Force replication.

    Trigger the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) to recalculate the replication topology.

    Display changes that have not yet replicated from a given replication partner.

    Display a list of the trust relationships maintained by the domain controller being monitored.

    Display the metadata of an Active Directory object's attributes.

    Monitor replication status of domain controllers from multiple forests.

    The Replmon graphical user interface (GUI) tool is included when you install Windows Server 2003 Support Tools

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