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Thread: Cannot connect to internet with Laptop with Windows Vista

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    Cannot connect to internet with Laptop with Windows Vista

    I just received my new dell laptop. Its running vista, and connected to my wireless network right out of the box. IE and firefox won't connect to internet for some reason.
    Showing that I'm fully connected, wireless switch is on, and my firewall allows both IE and firefox....probably something real stupid, but I can't figure it out...all help appreciated. thanks

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    Re: Cannot connect to internet with Laptop with Windows Vista

    go to control panel>network and internet>network and sharing, turn on network discovery, then (on the left) click on manage my network, under lan or high speed if u are connecting by ethernet connection(wired) right click on local area connection choose properties the box that opns up look for internet protocol V4 tcp/ip, double click it, the box that come up have 2 option at the top 2 at the botton put a dot beside obtain IP address automaticalll and obtain DNS server address automatically. click on, then ok again. try connecting to the internet.

    If wireless you have to know the name of your network and if it uses a wep key to access here are the steps
    click start > connect to the box that comes up have 2 lines at the bottom select the first oen that says " setup or connect to a network" the next box that comes up select " manualy connect to a wireless network" the next box that comes up enter your network name( the name of your wireless network) then enter the security type (most likely wep) then skip over tkip and enter the security key/pass Phrase. then next then connect to.

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    Re: Cannot connect to internet with Laptop with Windows Vista

    device drivers are known to go bad. Try reinstalling the modem device driver. It could have gotten corrupted. It could be trying to work but still faulty. Not sure it will fix the problem, bit this would be my first step and will cause no damage at all to the computer. Go to the modem manufacturer site and type in the model or serial number and make sure you select the driver for you operating system.

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    Re: Cannot connect to internet with Laptop with Windows Vista

    Well this basically happened with mine after i reformatted it because of persponal issues, after doing this the driver was not enabled therefore did not work. I doubt it will be your router but if so, depending on your isp and your actual router is normally the log in address but it may variey. After logging in goto wireless and make sure its enabled if so also make sure you have a wep key enabled also for securiy issues. If that is all working fine go onto the dell website and then suuport you will then be able to pick your model and download the drivers from there. If this still doesn't work there might be a problem with your adapater or hardware, therefore contact dell for more assistence.
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