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Thread: BBC banned my IP

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    BBC banned my IP


    I want to watch this BBC documentary with the iPlayer and it seems that
    when they detect an IP to be non UK they dont allow you to watch it.Other than finding a good UK proxy is it possible to get around this restriction?
    I am British citizen living abroad I paid my taxes there surely the BBC
    should show some respect.

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    BBC banned my IP

    This is not a computer security issue
    It is a rights issue. The BBC may not own the rights to show this programme outside the UK so they restrict access to their programming to IP's geographically located in the UK. Similarly they restrict their satellite broadcasting to transponders that in theory only give coverage of the UK You can subscribe to services that get round this as the chances of finding an open proxy you can use are low. If you maintain a UK address, you can always install
    your own streaming equipment there and watch terrestial UK television via the Internet.

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    Re: BBC banned my IP

    But it's only levied on TV users IN THE UK. So, anybody abroad isn't paying TV license fees to the UK, and hence cannot expect to watch their contents.
    Lucky GUYS... in Germany we have to pay TV licenses, too, but EVERYBODY can watch the programms. Then again - it's German television, free might still be too much

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