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Thread: Is kaspersky slowing down your computer?

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    Is kaspersky slowing down your computer?

    Hi, I heard this from some of my friends that using Kaspersky slows down there internet speed.
    Is it really slowing down your computer?

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    kaspersky isnt slowing down your pc at all..... my pc 1,83gh 2gbram isnt slower after installing the kaspersky.... and i do game a lot
    Try to set ur kaspersky in 'low priority' in scanning/detecting viruses.
    My brother pc use kaspersky but no problem

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    actually Kaspersky is one of the best anti virus programs as it will stop 99.1% of viruses, where as norton / mcaffe will only stop around 92%
    Kaspersky is just an antivirus software, usually it will not affect internet speed. You should use a Firewall software in your PC and disable access to internet to unwanted softwares..sometime those softwares will consume your Bandwidth..

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    All anti-virus programs will slow your computer down to some degree.
    Go to the kaspersky settings and uncheck the auto update, and check the update notifier which is below. After that even if you are facing the same problem than un-check all softwares autoupdate option from their settings, specially uncheck in on-startup programs.

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    i am using kav 2009 and as long as you dont instal the webav im/email av or the phish filter the pc will be fast but even so if you set the heuristics to deep scan and leave the rootkit scan checked it will slow down the internet speed

    but overall kav 2009 is the best!

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    Re: Is kaspersky slowing down your computer?

    well i am using it and it's all okay...i guess.

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    Re: Is kaspersky slowing down your computer?

    I use McAfee, it eats RAM like crazy, but at least the security is awesome.

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