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Thread: IPV6 limited Connectivity

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    IPV6 limited Connectivity


    I do not know if anyone can help, I just purchased a laptop with Windows Vista, and connect to the Internet wirelessly and connects me, but the speed is very slow and that I have 10 megs, then I have found that in the state of the network it shows that wireless connectivity IPV6 is limited. I tried to do manual configuration but the speed remains very low. Not if you reset the router or the portable format. I do have visited a few forums that talk about the issue but do not understand. I do not know if you could give me a solution.

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    you sure this failing with ipv6 or you do not have the DHCP activated in the router and in the ipv4 has the data defined ?????

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    Are you sure it's your network / wifi and not another.
    If you have a firewall, antivirus and temporarily disable test.
    Try to change channels in the router.
    firmware Updates or changes the firmware.

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