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Thread: WiFi works plugged into the network and not with battery

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    WiFi works plugged into the network and not with battery

    Hello, I have a laptop with Win sp2 and WiFi Internet connection so far working perfectly. Lately I've been using connected to the network, but when I put the battery not see that connects me and tells me Connection Limited. In giving solve the problem, tells me that can not connect to the main DNS, but when you reconnect to the network works without any problems. Please, someone can explain to me that is happening, why not get it.

    Greetings and thanks.

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    In both cases you connect to wifi? Connectivity limited means that the router is not a configure ip and therefore you should do it manually.

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    It is possible that the configuration of the laptop battery with the disabled have wifi, for saving energy.

    Reverse and enable energy to the wifi in battery mode.

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