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Thread: Problem with a third party game

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    Problem with a third party game

    I recently downloaded, about a week ago, some third party game from a site. I used it about couple of days or so without any worry. But all of a sudden, yesterday as soon as I started my computer I saw something fishy on my pc (a porn clip). Immediately I closed it (really) and deleted those files. I also found that my CPU temperature is around 51 degree C. What should I do now.

    Toshiba Laptop Fusion Series Portege M800 D3310 with Win XP Pro and 2GB RAM

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    Temperature is not an issue IMO. And as far as third party game is concerned, this is the common problem faced by most of the users. Sorry I don't have any solutions for you but might be someone over here who can help you in this matter.

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    Scan your computer for viruses because your computer might be infected by some virus such as adware, spyware, etc. Which antivirus software do you have? Read this for the best result.

    Which is the best anti-virus software?
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