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Thread: Windows XP Network Drive Mapping

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    Windows XP Network Drive Mapping

    Appologies if this appaears somewhere else but I've spent some time searching and couldn't find it.

    At my office I have and NAS which I mirror to a USB harddrive using synchronisation software on a specific PC. The NAS is mapped as a network drive and everything works ok unless the PC is rebooted. When rebooted the synchronisation starts but is unable to access the mapped drive. Outlook cannot access a personal folder stored on the NAS, neither can any other application (or boot up script), until I have manually touched the folder using explorer. That's all I have to do.

    It's not a big problem in this case, though its a hassle and it shouldn't happen, but I have two PCs set up for a client. These PCs are a redundant pair controlling a machine. One is duty and data is logged by both machines to a shared folder which is mapped to a drive letter. It appears that the same thing is happening here. In this case it is unacceptable.

    Any ideas? Would mapping the drive using a start up script work any better?

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    Thanks for the reply but I have already looked at those posts and others on about five other forums.

    Non- have satisfactory solutions.

    Microsoft doesn't even mention the problem.

    I have a work around that I use at home but it is a cludge.

    To reiterate, the maps are correctly configured (reconnect at log on etc.) and in fact do appear. After a boot up a red X is displayed in the folder view. Manually clicking on the folder instantly (or almost) displays the contents of the share, however, the contents of the share are unavailable to applications until this has been done. I.e. when the PC first boots up the share is not connected until it is 'touched' by explorer; scripts, back up software and outlook, to name but a few are unable to see the share until it has been touched by explorer.

    So far I have had no problems with connections timing out.

    The work around I have been using is to run a log on script that opens the share in explorer on first log in. e.g.

    explorer sharedevice

    Any other help would be gratefully received.

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