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Thread: how to remove email headers from word doc?

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    how to remove email headers from word doc?

    I am using Office 2003 on XP SP2 Pro. I got some file attached in the email. The file have email headers. I want to remove them. Also I found that when I send files through emails the header is still present in the same. I tried to check out all the settings. It looks they are auto generating. I am not able to get rid of the same. I had tried to load the default template but still the header is present in the same. Can anyone help me on this.

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    Try to remove the header completely. You can find that in the edit column. it is not appearing automatically the settings are applied due to which you are getting that. You can find the settings in the formatting toolbar itself. You can also double click on the header and check whether you are able to edit that or not.

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    Re: how to remove email headers from word doc?

    Most users seem not to understand the problem originally described.

    I have attached a jpg to indicate the problem described. I have the same problem and can not get rid of it. The document always opens with that email interface activated. If hit send, I get "Unspecified error", happens with or without recipient.

    Here is the solution:
    You get that dialog by pressing: File > Send To > Mail recipient
    And surprize !!!
    You remove the same dialog by pressing: File > Send To > Mail recipient

    It took me forever and a some luck to find out.

    Office SP2, XP SP3

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    Re: how to remove email headers from word doc?

    I've just found blouwagie's advice on how to remove that dialog box - oh, what a relief. I've been fooling around with toolbar buttons for hours and thought that the answer was probably pretty simple, which it is once you know about it! Very many thanks.

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