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Thread: Change Office 2003 installed on Vista default "baby Blue" color

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    Change Office 2003 installed on Vista default "baby Blue" color

    I need some help with Office 2003 on Windows Vista. I am not able to install Microsoft Office 2003 on that. I have Office 2007 but it looks more complicated for me to use. I am not able to get my self use to it. So I planned to add Office 2003 also. I want to know that will it work fine on Vista. I hope there will be no problem with that. Also I want the old interface, I do not want Vista to apply its settings on it. How to just get rid of that blue color.

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    Try to change the windows theme. I think that would put the old interface back. Just go in personalization and put the theme to classic. The theme is basically applied by Vista and there is nothing available inside Office 2003 to manage that. It will be not at all complicated to do that. But when you apply a classic theme that will change the layout of other application as well.

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    Off. 2003 blue -> grey

    The solution is to set the compatibility mode of the Office 2003 programs to "Windows 2000". Works for me with Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Project. Does not work with Word (odd, but I have a french SP3 version). Hope this helps.

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    Or do this...

    Without needing to select compatibility mode itself simply select "Disable visual themes" from Properties > Compatibility.

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