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Thread: spell check coming up in French? instead of English

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    spell check coming up in French? instead of English

    I recently upgraded my Office suite to version 2007. My language is English and everything is working fine. But there is a problem with Outlook Express. Don’t know why it is appearing in French language. All other office applications are still in English except Outlook Express. Even if I type something in English and right click it to check spelling, it appears in French Language.

    Any idea what has went wrong? Any suggestion please?

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    Re: spell check coming up in French? instead of English

    Outlook Express does not have its own spell checker. It relies entirely on the spell checker engines installed by the Microsoft Office programs – this is why, if you do not have any Microsoft Office programs installed (ie. you use Star Office, WordPerfect Office, or Lotus SmartSuite), then the Outlook Express Spell Check does not work. When you install Microsoft Office 2007 all old spell check files are removed from the PC and replaced with newer versions of the files which are NOT compatible with Outlook Express 6 ! Microsoft have acknowledged this problem (and bug, if you ask us) but, at the time of writing, 1-Apr-2007, they do not intend to provide a fix. You can read more about in article KB932974 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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    Re: spell check coming up in French? instead of English

    Just follow this and see if it works for you. Turn on the "Reveal formatting" Option and highlight the text that would not spell check, Now click on the Language link in the Reveal Formatting windows pane and simply uncheck "Do not Check Spelling or grammar." Once done click on Format then Reveal Formatting. After this you need to Highlight the text that is not spell checking and you will notice that underneath the language option in the right pane. It should change to French

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    Re: spell check coming up in French? instead of English

    FINALLY! This is the answer to problem of Outlook Express being in French after updating to Internet Explorer 2007!

    It's a simple download and install.

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