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Thread: how i do change the language from english to spanish office 2007

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    how i do change the language from english to spanish office 2007

    I need some help here to change the language of Microsoft Office. I just want to change that to spanish. I do not want to keep english. Once the setup was done english was installed by default. And now I am unable to find a way to change it. I checked inside help also but the process looks a bit complicated to me. There must be some sort of shortcut keys that allows to switch from one language to another instantly.

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    RE: how i do change the language from english to spanish office 2007

    You can do that form Tools. You have to go in Microsoft Office Folder and in that click on Tools. There you can find a option as language settings. Click on Language tab. You can simply modify the language from here. There is no shortcut or any other option available that can allow you to change the language settings.

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    Re: how i do change the language from english to spanish office 2007

    Ok, here is one successful work-around. I used this to get Finnish --> English conversion, but perhaps you could adapt it to get English --> Spanish:

    - you've got an Office 2007 version that is in the wrong language. You want all the menus to go to English (or something else), right? It's possible!
    - uninstall your current version. It's useless.
    - Download a TRIAL VERSION in the correct language. The English trial version is easy to find online, just google "Try Microsoft Office 2007". Hopefully you can find the language of your choice.
    - Use the product key from your original purchased copy to unlock this trial version. I tried my Finnish product key with a US trial version... and it worked perfectly.
    - you will get a working English version, and you didn't need to buy any new products :)

    As I said, it worked for my Finnish product key. I hated those Finnish menus! I can only hope that this trick works for all language conversions, so good luck trying.

    Best regards,

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