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Thread: MS Office 2007 wont let me install Frontpage 2003

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    MS Office 2007 wont let me install Frontpage 2003

    I am using FrontPage 2003. It is a separate installer. Now I am trying to install the same on my new computer that has Office 2007. First I tried to run the setup of front page directly but somehow it is not working. I am trying to add the license key and that is also not working. I am looking for some help here that can allow me to install front page properly without getting rid of Office 2007. Is there are compatibility problem among both the edition.

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    For that it is better if you install the complete office suite. That would be much more helpful. I think you will need to install everything to get front page working fine. You can install Office 2007 and Office 2003 on the same system without worrying about the compatibility stuff. But adding only frontpage can be somehow complicated to some extent.

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    Re: MS Office 2007 wont let me install Frontpage 2003

    I also have a problem with Office 2007 and Frontpage 2003 ... I used Frontpage 2003 and after I installed Office 2007, Frontpage has started to try to install a feature, but either the Frontpage or the Office 2007 will not let it update so I'm not been to use Frontpage 2003 .... If anyone has a fix let me know ....


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    Can explain in bit more detail what you are exactly trying to do. I never found any problem while using Office 2003 components with Office 2007. I install everything and it works fine. When I installed Office 2007, 2003 was already available in the same. I think there is some issue with the setup that you are using.

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