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Thread: Activating 2007 Pro trial (from MS) with OEM key doesn't work

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    Activating 2007 Pro trial (from MS) with OEM key doesn't work

    I bought a pc that came with Microsoft Office 2007 Pro. It is a trail edition. Now I want some help to activate that using a OEM key. The backup media that I got with the system has the office setup and it is a license key. It is weird to find that it is not activated. I need some help here to activate office. How can take out the key from that backup media.

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    You can run the complete system recovery through that backup media. That would be more helpful I think. Because once you run that entire system will be restored giving you all the application installed back again. That is the right way. I do not think you can find the key. Just check your system for stickers. Number of branded system comes with serial key printed on them on a sticker and you can use that to activate your Office.

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    Can you contact your vendor and ask him for that. I do not think you are having a activated version of Office. Because you said you are having a trail edition. If you had installed that manually from the web then you can run system recovery as mentioned above to restore your system completely. That is one of the best way to. You can get back all your tools. But if after running the system recover still you can see a trail version then your system is not having a complete version of Office.

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    re: Activating 2007 Pro trial (from MS) with OEM key doesn't work

    When you say OEM that means you get all the keys and software activated at the time of installation. You do not need to activate it separately. I to agree that there would be only a trail version available in your system.

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