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Thread: How to protect a ppt presentation from being copied?

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    How to protect a ppt presentation from being copied?

    I am having many powerpoint files. This are the presentation files that are created for our office training purpose. I want some help to make they protected. I want to share it on web with many people but it can be copied very easily. Is there are a option available in Microsoft Office itself to enable copyright feature. I am not able to find anything related to that.

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    You can add a copyright disclaimer at the bottom or at the end of slide. You can go on web and copyright your content through paying a minimal fee. Once it is recorded no one on web can use, share or modify your content without your permission. I am having many writings. I copyright them so that no one can modify the same without my permission. There are registrar on web who does the job. You can contact them.

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    I do not think there is any copyright feature available in Office. You can simply add a password and protect the file. That will be only provided to those who want to access it. Copyright is a legal term where you can keep the ownership of material with you. And it is only possible through registering your content with some official sources.

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    Not sure I got that. If I modify-protect a PPS in Powerpoint 2002, can somebody just rename the presentation as a PPT or PPSX or some other extension and have access to the content? Seems to completely defeat the purpose of having a password? I have tried the embedd PPS in PPS as an object to try to obscure/protect my content from alteration, but it sounds like this is ineffective?

    So what is the purpose of a modify password if it cannot prevent people from modifying the content? Any way to prevent the renaming of a file? I'm calling Bill Gates, RIGHT NOW!


    Sounds like you don't have many friends, Bob.

    The point of a tech help forum is to assist others who might not have your level of technical expertise in solving issues. My feeling is that advising me to enroll in an adult education course was not helpful, and did not in any constructive way address my question. Apologies for taking things in a personal direction. My assumption regarding the modify password was that it should protect the content of a presentation from being altered. But since a user can easily rename a file and have full access to all content, I fail to understand the point of a modify password. Pardon my ignorance, but if you have any perspective specific to preventing alteration of a PPS I would appreciate.

    Thanks, Lucy. I am not trying to protect the content of the show, just trying to prevent others from modifying it. And when I do this, the password is gone: I receive a PPS protected by a modify password. I right click the file and save as... (anything). I open the file in Powerpoint and make changes to the content at will, then Save as a new file. Sounds like this is just not a functionality of Powerpoint.

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    I work for a website. There are number of slides on it. Now at the end of that site it is written as copyright. So it looks like the content is owned by the site. If you are sharing your files and want that no one would use it without your permission then you have to do something like that. That is a easy way. You can share your files through Google Drive also.

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    re: How to protect a ppt presentation from being copied?

    The password protect does stop the save as feature. tools, options, security and File sharing settings for this document. You cant use copy or save as within the application. However nothing to stop peeps from copying the file itself! I have the same issue, have a pres for class room use only so will use the same method and only going to give my students access to the file shortcut. Not much help to you.

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