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Thread: Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

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    Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

    I am using a Perl Script that tries to open MS office Picture Manager to check a group of BNP image files, similar to opening the OIS.EXE from a DOS command line. I am able to open the OIS.EXE file by using the command line if there is no image files that are specified. But when I am including the names of the BMP files in the command line then it will not work. Is there anyone who can tell me how to open up Picture Manager from the command line so that I can look at the specified list of BMP files? Below are the excerpts from the Perl script:

    $Picture_Mngr_exe_file = "\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office12\\OIS.EXE\"";

    After that if I am trying to open Picture Manager within the Perl Script, the first version of $system_command does not work, but the second version does not.

    # $system_command = "$Picture_Mngr_exe_file $BMP_plotfile_list";
    $system_command = "$Picture_Mngr_exe_file";
    print "System command: ==>|$system_command|<==\n";
    system "($system_command) &";

    Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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    Re: Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

    You can do that by configuring a FollowHyperlink. I am sure you would be able to understand what I am trying to tell. Or another thing you can try is shell. That will also allow you to specify the program that you want to open with a respective command. Another thing you can do is configure Picture Manager as the default application to open image files. You can use the following command then : Application.FollowHyperlink "full path\01.JPG"

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    Re: Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

    You simply need to type the images title on the folder where the picture is lying on with the extension and it will open up the picture. If there is a space in that command then you have to quote it as - "C:\Users\(my systems name)>start pictures\(my folder)\(my pictures name)." Hope that this helps you out.

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    Re: Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

    You can also try to pass the images to another program if you want. Like for instance, incase you have a picture editor called ImageEdit and if it supports command lines opening of the files and if the software is accessible or you are in its current directory then you can simply type this command - imageedit c:\test\test.png to open the image via command prompt.

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