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Thread: word 2007 incredibly slow start

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    word 2007 incredibly slow start

    I was using Windows XP with Office 2003 on my desktop running with 2GB RAM. As the Office is arrived, many people said it is very good with new features. I thought to upgrade to the same. Hence removed my Office 2003 and installed Office 2007. Installation went fine but I dint understood why people were calling it better than 2003. Though it is rich in features but it is very very slow compared to my Office 2003.

    Whenever I try to launch MS Word, first it shows just a frame with gray background. Then slowly it opens completely which take duration of about 1 minute until I can start writing. Is it just me or the problem is with everyone else.

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    Re: word 2007 incredibly slow start

    First thing, 2GB RAM is quite enough to run Office on blazing fast speed. And second, there is no such SLOW performance problem with Office 2007. Most probably there would be any problem in your system itself. Btw, apart from 2GB RAM, what is your CPU speed? I guess the problem would be because of slow processor and video adapter.

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    RE: word 2007 incredibly slow start

    I think Ain'tSoBad is not alone with this problem, count me in too. I have just upgraded to Office 2007 recently on all machines in my office. As our business if of mining engineering software we have better processors, graphic cards and RAM. So there is no chance of hardware problem of slowing down the WORD. But still Office 2007 is running very slow on all of our computers. I hope there is some fix available for the same or we will need to move back to Office 2003 again.

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    Re: word 2007 incredibly slow start

    Guys, I’m using Office 2007 since its first beta release and never had any problem. I think you should try updating Windows. I mean install all latest patches provided and see if the problem is gone.

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