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Thread: Corrupt frmcache.dat file

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    Corrupt frmcache.dat file

    Hi, I’m running a server with several clients. All clients are using Windows XP and Office 2003 SP2. From last couple of weeks all my users are getting some problems with the attachments received in Outlook emails. They are getting an error message saying “cannot open this item, object cannot be found.” The same error also occurs when trying to gain access to a public folder.

    According to the error I believe it is because of the forms cache being corrupt. I searched web for solution and found many guy saying clearing the cache or deleting it may fix the problem I don’t think it is the permanent solution. I already tried that but still we use to get the problem frequently. SO if anyone here can tell me what is the main cause of the problem, it will help me lot to get rid of it forever.

    Thank you.

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    RE: Corrupt frmcache.dat file

    One thing is for sure. The problem is not with specifically Office 2003 because we are using Office 2007 and we had faced exactly the same problem. Also unfortunately the solution you tried is the only solution for this problem. We are still getting rid of this issue by deleting frmcache.dat file, though it just gives us relief for about a day or two and appears again. Hope Microsoft may release some kind to get rid of this permanently.

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    RE: Corrupt frmcache.dat file

    For your information, the most probable cause of this issue might be fax software client. Which fax software are you using on your system? You need to check in it if something is wrong.

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    Re: Corrupt frmcache.dat file

    He even me and my users are facing the same problem and we are using RightFax Fax client. I checked all settings and everything seems to be correct. One thing I would like to say is the problem appears mostly when any of our user try accessing the mails using Citrix thin client from their home. And when they come to office and we delete frmcache.dat, everything gets normal.

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