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Thread: How do I change the language interface(?) of MS Office 2007?

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    How do I change the language interface(?) of MS Office 2007?

    I recently purchased a notebook in Japan that came with preinstalled Vista Ultimate and also had a packaged MS Office 2007 Pro with Power 2007. The MUI has allowed to change from its original japanese texts to english by setting the language in the regional setting. But the Office toolbars remain in the Japanese language. As per my knowledge, the language display in Office 2007 can be also changed. So, can anyone tell me how to change the language to english? Thanks.

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    I think that you will have to add the English language packs to it. The only issue being is that there is no English Language Pack which can be added to another language version of Office 2007.

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    - you've got an Office 2007 version that is in the wrong language. You want all the menus to go to English (or something else), right? It's possible!
    - uninstall your current version. It's useless.
    - Download a TRIAL VERSION in the correct language. The English trial version is easy to find online, just google "Try Microsoft Office 2007". Hopefully you can find the language of your choice.
    - Use the product key from your original purchased copy to unlock this trial version. I tried my Finnish product key with a US trial version... and it worked perfectly.
    - you will get a working English version, and you didn't need to buy any new products

    As I said, it worked for my Finnish product key. I hated those Finnish menus! I can only hope that this trick works for all language conversions, so good luck trying.

    I hope a lot of people discover this thread and your solution. That's definitely the fastest way to go.

    So in the end it's actually really easy to change the language for Office 2007, you just need to know that small "download the trial version" trick.

    Extra emphasis: this should work for ALL language conversions.

    If someone has spare time, please try to get feedback to Microsoft about this.

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    Re: How do I change the language interface(?) of MS Office 2007?

    Actually it's even easier than that.
    You don't have to uninstall your previous Office.
    Just download and run an English version of Office07 trial. There select Add or Remove Features and there you will see that in the first tab you will have an option to add English language.

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    Re: How do I change the language interface(?) of MS Office 2007?

    I have a Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 in French, I tried to follow the above instructions, i downloaded a MSOffice Professional Plus 2007 trial and installed it, but can't see the Add or Remove Features or any option to change the language. Could you be more precise please?

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    I think that you might not be able to change the language and you have to buy an English language one. There is also No ultimate version of Office. So, you will not be able to change the language aside from purchasing one.

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