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Thread: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

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    MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    If I am trying to start Microsoft Access 2007 on Vista Pc then I am getting an error message that says "Can't find language DLL MSAIN.DLL" and MS Access will not start. I have different version of Access on the pc and they should stay and all work properly? So, how do I make this thing working on Vista then? Thanks.

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    Re: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    Try to re-install office. There will be number of fix available on web but I do not think that is really going to help you much. Simply re-install Office back again and it is more than enough. It will work properly. The dll file is missing and it is not easy to restore that by manual copy paste. Sometime Windows Update might also help you, but a repair setup is much better option.

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    Re: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    You just need to go to Add and Remove programs and then go to Microsoft Office @007 and click on change. After that check add or remove features and highlight Access and click continue. After it is finished, go to Access in All programs menu and it will open without any issues. There is also no restart required. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    Even I was facing this same issue and have tried to reinstall Office many times without any luck. Finally, I borrowed the Office 2007 CD from my friend and reinstalled it again on my pc and now Access opens without any error message. There seems to be some broken installation definitely and hence Access was giving me error all the times when I used to launch it.

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