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Thread: initializing root folders

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    initializing root folders

    There is a user that has an XP Pro machine with Office 2007 installed. When he tries to open a file through Word, navigating to a network drive and he gets a window that opens with the progress bar and 'initializing root folders to display'. It will usually take about 40 seconds and this disappears and the files appear as they should, but the mouse cannot actually click on any of them. All the other network drives are valid and can be accessed via Windows Explorer with out any delays. The user can use this as a workaround but the problem is still an issue? Can anyone help.

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    Re: initializing root folders

    I am also facing this same problem and my issue seems not to be a network drive but one of my DVD Roms.

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    Re: initializing root folders

    Even I am having the same issue, actually the respond time on the network drives are taking too long.

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    Re: initializing root folders

    I think that you might be having one or more drives in your explorer that are disconnected. So you can try to do to explorer and disconnect all the drives that are "Disconnected network drives".

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