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Thread: Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Group Policy Install

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    Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Group Policy Install

    I am trying to install Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. I am using group policy to deploy the same. But somehow it looks the packages are not properly downloaded. There is some bug with the files. The package file are extracted well but somehow the policy is not able to apply the changes. When I check in client system I found that the same is not deployed. The settings are still old as it was before. I need some help to fix that. How can I properly deploy Office Compatibility pack through GPO.

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    Try to download that once again and then check back. I think there is some issue with the update setup due to which settings are not applied. You can leave that as it for time being and get a fresh download. And then run the same once again. I am sure that will work fine. Just get the right updates and check back.

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    I am facing the same problem. I do not think there is some problem with our settings, it looks there is some issue with the downloaded updates. They are not proper due to which you are facing the problem. I had on my side downloaded the updates once again but the issue is still common. I am waiting for any patch or fix that can remove the issue.

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