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Thread: Word 2007 - new/empty document contains macros?

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    Word 2007 - new/empty document contains macros?

    I get below error message when i try to launch Word 2007 and start a new document.

    "The document contains macros. Macro language support for this application is disabled. Features requiring VBA are not available. Would you like to open this document read-only?"

    I don't know why i am getting this error message, i wasn't getting t before. I have tried disabling all macros with notification but no avail. Is there anything i can try out further???

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    Something might have gone wrong with your MS Office installation. I will suggest you to repair its installation form control panel.

    Just go in to control panel, select office and click on repair. If that doesn't end your issue then you might have to try uninstalling and re-installing it.

    Try it out and let me know which solution helps, best of luck.

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    Re: Word 2007 - new/empty document contains macros?

    I am thinking that you might be having macros in your Normal Template or a global template which contains the AutoNew macro or the Document_New macro which is trying to run and you do not have VBA installed. You can try to go to Add and Remove Programs and change the Office installation. Can you check in Office Shared Features whether you have Visual Basic for applications set to not available or such?

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    Re: Word 2007 - new/empty document contains macros?

    Even I was facing the same issue and later on I found that it was happening because of my installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader. So, if you have installed this software and you do not need the integration into microsoft office then you can try to do a modify option on the installation and after you get to the installation options just tick mark all the Office products as not available. It will definitely solve the issue for you.

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