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Thread: Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

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    Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

    I am having a fully Genuine Office 2007 Professional suite. Bought it last month from Microsoft itself. After installing the same, its been a month now still the ‘End User License Agreement’ notice keeps popping up every now and then whenever I try using any office application. Though it is a Genuine Product Its very irritating to keep clicking the EULA.

    I request anyone here to please provide me a way to stop this notice appearing again and again on my Screen. Thank you.

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    Fortunately Microsoft is well aware of this problem and hence they have already provided a solution for the same. Here it is:
    • Log on to the computer by using a user account that has administrative credentials.
    • Start an Office program, such as Word. The End User License Agreement dialog box appears.
    • Note For Windows Vista, click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office, right-click an Office program, click Run as administrator, and then click Continue.
    • Click I Accept.
    • Exit the Office program that you just started.
    • Repeat step 2 to step 4 for the other Office programs that still prompt you with the EULA.

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    Re: Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

    Than you very much for posting the solution. I tried going through those steps but at the 4th step where I need to click Accept, I’m not getting that option anywhere. Is that method applicable for Office 2007? I’m using Vista with Office 2007.

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    Re: Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

    I too am having the same problem and I'm confused. Right clicking doesn't provide the run as administrator option. Any other suggestions?

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