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Thread: How to restore classic menu of Office 2007

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    How to restore classic menu of Office 2007

    I had seen several threads related to this but yet not able to get the right solution how to actually apply the same. I want to restore the old classic menu back on Office 2007. I am not able to find any third party app that can really do this. It has become very complicate to work the new interface. I cannot locate some of the most frequently used options. I had checked all the settings and hope there would be way similar to that.

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    No there is no way to do the same. You cannot get the old menu back. You have to use old office version for that. It is possible to install office 2003 and office 2007 altogether. It works fine. For old toolbar you will need to use office 2003. I am not able to understand why you find the ribbon so confusion. All options are laid well on the top side and they are sorted properly in different category.

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    Just go back on the old edition. That would be the only way to get old menus. While the new one simply does not work. Office 2007 is entirely modified with new menu and many additional stuff. You have to check out each and everything one by one and it may take time for you to completely understand how it actually works. Once you are aware about all the options you can simply use it comfortably.

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    re: How to restore classic menu of Office 2007

    The menus allowed us to find all the commands in one place. The ribbons do not have all the commands, just the simpler commands, by default at least, it seems to me. I spend my time searching aroudn in ribbons and sub-ribbons to find the commands that I used to find with no problem at all. Vast amounts of real estate are used for things I never use such as long lists of global style changes. They should allow back compatibility with the old interface. Why force people to move to the new interface? The reason? To force them to upgrade or be the only person using a non-stardard interface. There are no merits afaik to the experienced user in the new Ribbon s**t.

    And the save button being in a different places is a pain in the brain. Put it back on the home ribbon. The whole thing is MICROSOFT tax. At least as far as I am concerned since I am not getting any benefits over office 2000. Humans are not evolving, their eyes, typing, word processing needs do not advance very much, and their office processing needs do not change much. The office software is advanced as it needs to be for the next twenty years not because there will not be more gadgets available but because people's needs do not change. It would save the world time if the makers of office software made themselves redundant. But they exist, so they want their tax.

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