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Thread: Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

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    Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

    There is a bit problem while using Microsoft Office. I am using Office 2003 at my office. There are more than 150 computer which has Windows XP installed on the same. Now the problem lies with user account. Whenever someone login to new user Office does not work for them. They receive a error that office is not installed. I had performed all the updates, installed Office once again on each of them and then thought things would be fine here. This is a bit weird that office is not available for all user accounts.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

    This looks some kind of permission problem with Microsoft Office. It is essential that when you run a setup it ask you that you want to install this for all users for only for specific admin account. At that time you have to select anyone or all users. Try to check the setup once again. This is not a bug with Microsoft Office. It is a basic thing.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

    I will advice you to perform windows update. If that does not fixes the issue then due what is mentioned on above post. I am not sure about office, but I had seen on many other software setup that when you perform the installation it ask you for the choosing the default account. You just have to tick on everyone. The program then works on all user account created inside Windows.

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    In my previous post under my email address i stated that i had a fix which i do..

    i will also tell you how i did it, and it follows:

    Just remember that i am running windows XP machine with Office 2003.

    The way that I fixed it was to create a temp user account with admin privliages and then open all the office apps in that account.

    Once I had done that I just exported the office key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then logged off

    Then logged onto the other account and imported the reg key and it seemed to work for me.. give it a shot what have you got to loose.

    If this fix works for you please let me know…

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    Office 2003; Word has not been installed for the current user

    I just tried Iggies post, and I have to tell everyone that it worked like a charm. So far this is the only post that actually WORKS, even the MS doesnt do anything, at least for me it didnt. If you are still having problems, go ahead and try Iggies post, it should work for you as well.

    If you have any questions, I would be glad to help you out, just email me at Thanks again IGGY!!!

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    Well it did not work for me. I tried the method but it doesnt work. Excel also says that does not find the Eurotool file... ahhh Im getting crazy

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