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Thread: How to save settings in Office 2007? No Save My Settings Wizard

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    How to save settings in Office 2007? No Save My Settings Wizard

    I dont know how the save my settings wizard disappeared. I have tried to read that we are supposed to read either Vista Easy Transfer Wizard or the User State Migration Tool 3. I am not able to run Vista, so I cannot use that one. The USMT captures desktop, and application settings, as well as user accounts and users files and then migrates them to a new Windows installation which is not what I want to do. I just want to save my Office settings the way that I like, so can anyone please help.

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    I was trying to reinstall Outlook 2003 so that I can load my settings before reinstalling Office 2007 and I just want to reiterate to anyone at microsoft that it was really not worth to get rid of the settings wizard, since it was really simple and always worked.

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    For anyone's information, microsoft didnt supply the Save my setting Wizard for Office 2007 because the functionality was available in Windows already. Incase you have Vista then you can use the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard.

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    Re: How to save settings in Office 2007? No Save My Settings Wizard

    I am looking for the actual file location of the settings set up for office 2007.

    No wizard, no hack - package, no third party app. just the simple default location MS Office 2007 saves the settings a user sets, that should stay when ther reboot the machine.

    Trying to resolve an on-going issue related to roaming profiles and hive cleanup that wipes these setting each time the computer shuts down.

    Does anyone know where these settings get saved?

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