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Thread: Office Clipboard shows icon(s) when first opened, and can't paste XP clipboard contents

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    Office Clipboard shows icon(s) when first opened, and can't paste XP clipboard contents

    I need some help here. I am using Windows XP Home SP2. I had installed Microsoft Office 2003 on it. I am using the same from long time. Now when I copy something from web and paste that in Outlook email I can get the icons also. This only works when Word or Excel is open in the background. Now when I exist office and copy the same thing, there is only text. There are no icons. It looks Office clipboard copies everything while XP clipboard just capture text.

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    This can be due to some third party clipboard tool. I am sure there is a third party software installed on your system. In word it is correct that you can copy all the elements of web page. But when you copy the same in normal mode the basic clipboard works. It depends on the application where you are pasting the content. Like if you paste the same in notepad, you can just see plain text.

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    I had the same problem and the cause was eDatasecurity, which appears to be an Acer addon. Thanks Beth for helping me find the culprit.

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