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Thread: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

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    mkuch Guest

    import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

    How do I move autotext entries from Word 2003 to Word 2007? I am aware that
    on '07 they are building blocks but none of my autotext entries converted
    when I upgraded from 2003 to 2007. When I try to open the building blocks
    organizer I get a popup message telling me that Word cannot open the document
    template and it references "C:\...\1033\Building Block.dotx.

    Any suggestions?

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    Beth Melton Guest

    Re: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

    You need to force Word to recreate your copy of Building
    either deleting it or moving it out of the folder to prevent it from
    loading. Note renaming the file will not work, Word will still attempt to
    load them even if the extension is renamed.

    The location of Building Blocks.dotx is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Document
    Building Blocks\<Language>

    Where <Name> is your user name and <Language> is the language ID. For
    example, 1033 is English. If you have more than one language folder make
    sure you check each one.

    Also, the Application Data folder is usually a hidden folder so make sure
    you turn on the display of hidden files/folders.

    To use your AutoText entries from Word 2003, chances are you'll also have a in your User Templates folder. This location can be found by
    going to Word Options/Advanced and File Locaitons near the bottom of the
    list of Advanced Options. Once you find, rename it to then move it to the Document Building Blocks folder so it will
    load when you access your Building Blocks.

    If you want to move the entries to Building Blocks.dotx, in the Building
    Blocks Organizer, edit the entries and change the "Save in" to Building
    Blocks.dotx. Note you don't have to move them but you can also use the
    organizer to move them to another gallery. Otherwise to use them you'll
    either need to type part of the AutoText name and press F3 to insert it or
    add the AutoText command to your QAT to access the gallery.

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    Arend Guest
    I want to upgrade to office 2007 but there are some issues which I need to
    solve before I upgrade.
    However, for a year now I am trying to find a solution but nobody can help
    me. Maybe you could?!

    1.Thanks to you I found the way to transfer my autotext entries from word
    2003 to word 2007, but I can’t find a way to transfer my FORMATTED
    autocorrect entries from 2003 to 2007
    3. I can’t find away to transfer my autocorrect FORMATTED entries AND my
    autotext entries to outlook 2007, as in 2007 word is not anymore the email
    2. I cannot customize the ribbon! There are some add-ins which do the job
    but not to my satisfaction. I need to be able to create a new ribbon (like a
    new toolbar in 2003) where I can put the commands that I use the most rather
    than having the commands that Microsoft thinks that I am using. And if this
    is ever possible I need to assign my own alt+letter to access the command
    from my keyboard rather than solving a puzzle with the way Microsoft has
    organized the keyboard shortcuts

    1 and 2 is a must for me in order to upgrade.
    3 I can live with this if not possible otherwise.

    Can you help?

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    Nov 2008

    Re: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

    I have done this and it is NOTworking for me. I created a new autotext entry in Word 2003 as a test. It works fine in 2003. I copied C:\Docs & Settings\user name\app data\microsoft\templates\ to C:\Docs & Settings\user\app data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033 and renamed the file When I type the autotext name & press F3 in Word 2007 I get the message "the specified text is not a building block name". May be unrelated, but the last modified date for was not the day I may the change, although the autotext did work in 2003. Any ideas....? Thanks,


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    Arend Guest

    Re: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

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    Re: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

    Thanks, I saw this article, but it describes moving entries from a 2007 machine to another 2007 machine. I actually am trying to move entries from 2003 to 2007.

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    Bob I Guest

    Re: import autotext entries from Word '03 to '07

    Retrieve your file from your Office 2003 installation, and
    put it in the following folder

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

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