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Thread: "1 unread mail message" in Windows XP login screen won't go away

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    "1 unread mail message" in Windows XP login screen won't go away

    I have a new computer and there are 3 user accounts in Windows XP Pro. I have installed and also updated Office 2003 and for one user there is something that is everytime displaying with the "1 unread mail message" under its name in the logon screen, even though the fact that all email messages in Outlook have been read and deleted. Can anyone tell me how to reset this message so that it displays properly? Thanks.

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    Re: "1 unread mail message" in Windows XP login screen won't go away

    You have to download and install a tool called TweakUI, after that install it and then go to Start > Programs > PowerToys for Windows XP > TweakUI. Now you have to expand "Logon" and uncheck "Show unread mail on Welcome screen". Note that unread message alears might let you know that you have unread messages not only in Outlook Express but also in Hotmail and MSN email accounts as well.

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    Follow the below fix:

    1. First of all ensure all mails in the mailaccounts & hotmail etc are read first. If the counter is showing up (ie unread = 1 mail) at logon screen then proceed.
    2. After that you have to download the TweakUI powertool as indicated in earlier posts.
    3. Now click on Start > Run > type "TweakUI" and hit enter.
    4. After that select option "Repair" (last item in list)
    5. Now you have to select in droplist "Repair unread mail counter" and then click "Repair now" and press OK
    6. Now you can restart & check if the unread counter is ok or not.

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    1. I have solved without Reboot
    2. MS have much work to do :)

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    Re: "1 unread mail message" in Windows XP login screen won't go away

    Thanks for that - that works but the problem recurs upon receipt of the next batch of emails! Is there a permanent solution other that disabling the feature altogether? This problem has only arisen in the past 2 weeks although I have been working with the system for 2 years and only use MS Outlook for email.
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