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Thread: e-mail messages from a shared mailbox - Outlook 2010

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    e-mail messages from a shared mailbox - Outlook 2010

    I have a problem with sending messages using a shared mailbox. I had configured it so that when emails were sent from the shared account instead of going to my personal sent items folder they would go to the shared account. This was working quite happily for some time until the messages stopped leaving my Outbox. The recipient still gets the email but I am left with this message in my outbox and nothing in the send folder of the shared account. My colleagues have the same configuration but it is still working for them. I have the DelegateSentItemsStyle set in the registry and cached exchange mode turned off as is required. As far as I know nothing changed to cause this problem.

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    Re: e-mail messages from a shared mailbox - Outlook 2010

    I think that I may have worked out the cause of the problem and turning on email tracking breaks it - I turned this off and it seems to have resolved the problem.

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