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Thread: Format cells in Excel 2010

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    Format cells in Excel 2010

    I have recently moved from Office 2007 to Office 2010 and am having trouble with some of the formatting. Two problems:
    1) The format painter doesn't seem to work - how can I get it working?
    2) If I copy and paste a cell it pastes the value of the copied cell, not the formula. What do I need to change to make sure the default is to copy formula not content?

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    Re: Format cells in Excel 2010

    I sorted both problems by rebooting the PC - just closing & restarting Excel didn't do it. Still don't know why these functions stopped working though...

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    Re: Format cells in Excel 2010

    This look like some of the custom modification causing the problem. This can be fixed by a Macro but that process is a bit complicated. You can do one thing if you have Office Installation disc. Insert the disc and go in control panel > add remove programs. Choose Office and Click on Remove > Repair. The installation will fix any issue or corrupted file.

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