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Thread: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

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    Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    I am trying to do a scheffe's test in Excel and getting nowhere. Anyone know how.

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    Re: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    Try to read the link below. Try to read the link below.

    Ftest in Excel

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    Re: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    To check whether two independent random samples derived stem from a common, normally distributed population, the first equality or homogeneity of variances to be checked. The F-test for a possible test.

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    Re: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    The scheffe test is most of the time complained about being to conservative. You can also try out the Student-Newman-Kuels but it is also complained about in the literature and texts which is too liberal. Can you tell us if you are doing these calculations by hand calculator? You can try to get to SPSS and entext the data that you have and use Ryan procedure which is also called REGWQ test.

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    Re: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    The Scheffe' test is customarily used with unequal sample sizes, although it could be used with equal sample sizes. The critical value for the Scheffe' test is the degrees of freedom for the between variance times the critical value for the one-way ANOVA. This simplifies to be:
    CV = (k-1) F(k-1,N-k,alpha)

    The test statistic is a little bit harder to compute. Test Statistic for Scheffe'Pure mathematicians will argue that this shouldn't be called F because it doesn't have an F distribution (it's the degrees of freedom times an F), but we'll live it with it.

    More information can be found on this link.

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