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Thread: Convert copy formula to Text in Microsoft Excel

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    Convert copy formula to Text in Microsoft Excel

    Cell C123 contains the value 99. I want cell A1 to display that value (99) and cell B1 to display the formula (=C123). I put =C123 in cell A1. What do I put in cell B1. I know I can toggle between value and formula but how do I get them to both display side-by-side at once.

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    Re: Convert copy formula to Text in Microsoft Excel

    Here is a UDF solution that will work:
    Function GetFormula(Cell)
    GetFormula = Cell.Formula
    End Function
    Then in B1 enter =GetFormula(C123)

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    Re: Convert copy formula to Text in Microsoft Excel

    It can be also done via paste special if you are copy pasting the result. In place of pasting use paste special. Or else there is one more way. First Mark appropriate cell, formula bar is displayed. Second Click on the formula in the formula bar. Third F9 and then press Enter. The formula was removed and the value is entered into the cell. However, if you want to convert many formulas to values, please consult the appropriate area (or just about anything) and copy it. "Insert file / contents / values", you can now insert the data from the clipboard at the same point. The formatting you can insert in a second step in the same way.

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