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Thread: How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

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    How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    How can I type the character x bar (for the statistical mean) into an excel spreadsheet? I can do it in a word document, but not in an excel sheet.

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    Re: How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    You can either insert an equation object using the Equation Editor, or you can use a font that has xbar in its character set. Two such fonts are found on web.

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    Re: How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    Run Microsoft office 2007 and then click on insert > symbols. Choose other symbols and then click on special characters. In subsets (top right) look for diacritical marks of associations. One of the marks is called:Combining overline. It should first write the desired letter (any) before you insert special characters. for the average mean (X double bar) look Combining double Overline" and do the same.

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    Re: How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    There's always an alternative via paint. Go on google and then find a picture of x bar. Press printscreen from the keyboard and then paste the same on paint. You can modify the picture as per your need and copy the same in excel. Just by copy pasting you can now use the X bar in your excel.

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    Re: How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    If you are facing a formula error when you try to type the X bar then you can do one thing. You can press .capital X to get the text. Remember to add a fullstop on the start of text which not count it as any functional. More ever there are ample of symbols available you can use in its place.

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