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Thread: Data points in Excel chart not lining up with axis

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    Data points in Excel chart not lining up with axis

    I am using Excel 2007. I have made charts that have dates as the x-axis and numerical (cummulative) values for the y axis.

    The lines go up as they should, but the dates don't line up properly. They y-value lines up with 4 months before it actually happened.

    I have added more dates and values after initially creating the chart. The plot area updates, but the x-axis doesn't. I have tried changing the distance between tick marks, intervals for the dates showing, making the chart bigger and smaller, selecting the date data range, etc. I am out of ideas for how to make them match.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Data points in Excel chart not lining up with axis

    You can try below mentioned steps to get the requirement of yours.
    • You should go for Chart and after that click on Chart Tool and click on Design on the Ribbon.
    • Now go for Select Data.
    • After that click on Hidden and Empty Cells
    • After that click on Connect data points with line
    • Finally click on Ok button.

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