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Thread: Outlook 2010 Junk mail settings...

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    Outlook 2010 Junk mail settings...

    I have a very big problem, with Microsoft Outlook 2010, and the junk e-mail settings.
    When users are sending mails within our own domain, Outlook some times categorizes our own domain e-mails as junk and automatically moves them to the Junk Mail folder.

    When is just add our domain as trusted senders in the junk mail settings none of our domain e-mails is moved to the Junk Mail folder.
    I have about 1000 computers running with Outlook 2010, and i want an automatically deploy of our domain as an trusted sender.
    I've found this website where Microsoft describes how to setup trusted senders through the OCT tool.
    But the problem is when I follow the guide and saves the MSP file, and afterwards executes the file on an other computer, our own domain isn't created as a safe sender.
    In the OCT tool i have specifed a network path to the TXT fie, where my domain is written in. I've now tried to run the MSP file on 5 different computers, but none of them imports the trusted senders file from the network. All the computers are connected to the same network.

    Can anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Outlook 2010 Junk mail settings...

    You can try to do the following: Go to Actions and then click on Junk E-mail. Then go in Junk E-mail and click on No automatic filtering. Give Press OK. Check this if it works then it means outlook is counting all your emails as junk mails. You have to create appropriate rules for Junk Filtering. Check out the protection level settings. If possible you can try back to reconfigure your accounts.

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