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Thread: msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

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    Hello let me add my 5 cents.

    A Ken said it's very important to make from time to time dump of Office settings only! (I know need to grab all my windows profile for this purpose).

    Let me describe my worries about settings.
    I started using office "Save sett..." wizard somewhere in 2003.
    I always try to get the most from software I use by adjusting it and customizing. Regarding the office I actively use "shortcuts" navigation pane in Outlook, templates, forms and places in "open/save" dialogs (let's skip other minor things I need).
    Every unexpected close of Outlook (even it seemed to me everything was fine while closing it) resulted to resetting all changes made in "shortcuts" navigation pane to single item - "Add shortcut" - the only fast way to fix this I found that time - is just restore settings via wizard. (the other way is add again about 30 shortcuts in use at that moment). I started saving settings every half of the year (about 50% of shortcuts were changed in that period).
    Using wizard I migrated from Win2k to XP without any time loss.
    Migration from XP to Windows 7 plus migration from Office 2003 to 2007 took about 3 days!!!
    I tried USMT - isn't supported by 64 bit Win 7!!!
    It was horrible situation, finally I overcame it.

    As for now, after 3 month of experience with Win7 + Office 2007 I got my environment broken!
    Yes, that's my fault - I had issues with installing one program packaged with MS Visual Studio 2008. It said the installation was terminated in previous run and please start it again - it said it all the time, every run. I decided to clean up "%SystemRoot%\Installer" folder completely in order to erase installation related settings - that was BIG mistake as I found it out then.
    Many programs and Office as well, persist there specific databases and icons for running programs (installed somewhere in "C:\Program Files ....")
    As a result MS Office lost all icons for
    - Programs (lost icons without possibility to fix it manually in explorer)
    - files (documents were recognized by Win, but their appearance in explore were as files with unknown type to process)

    After such barbarian clean up method regarding to MS Office, "Repair, add/remove" installation actions from "Control Panel"/"Programs" were impossible - installation started, asked for distributive (I pointed it to distributive on network drive), started progressing and in the middle of the process said "the installation was terminated due to errors" - nothing else (no logs for user, no reasons why, no suggestions).
    I spent about 4 hours to get icon binaries, edit the registry and fix the issue with icons.

    I contacted our system administrators about the issue - complete physical removal of MS Office and install it again is suggested as single solution in my case.

    As for the topic: Saving settings of Office 2007.
    I want to save current my "office 2007 user settings" only (including mail rules/filters, shortcuts and the rest in Outlook, menu items on the ribbons and etc.) and reinstall MS Office 2007
    I believe most of the things still persisted in registry and Windows Easy Transfer will not grab these things and for me.
    At the same time I see WET collects the files from profiles (sure templates and signatures will be picked up) - I don't believe it knows about all office settings because they are different products.
    So I don't think WET will help me - I'm not going to kill folders in profile - the files will remain there. But many my settings of Office will be lost!

    To my mind, each software should have specific supporting product (implemented by the same developers, because they know all settings storages - where and how it's stored)

    I see now, I had support from the Office team in version 2003.
    But now I have to pay extra money for this support -

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    msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

    I found an interesting fix for the msvcr80.dll error. I found that once I removed the acer data esecurity from the computer that the outlook still gave the msvcr80.dll error. It would also error out when clicking on email links at websites like craigslist.

    It appears that the root cause is that some of the registry entries and some of the shortcuts were done with the 8.3 naming convention. ie c:\progra~1\microso~3\office 12\outlook.exe

    instead of

    c:\program files\microsoft office\office 12\outlook.exe

    microsoft office appears to need the full path for certain functions to work. To get the email links working in Internet explorer you may need to go to the HKEY_Classes_Root and check the OUTLOOK_URL entries to make sure they are not using the 8.3 convention.

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    Re: msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

    Thanks for the information, but there is a simple solution for this problem as well. All you need to do is search the msvcr80.dll on google or any other search engine and then download and copy it in its required directory which will solve this issue for sure. Sometimes this error is also generated by Norton. To correct this error uninstall Norton as per their uninstall tool

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    Re: msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

    that will not work if the 8.3 filenames are in the pathnames. I tried that first. I should have added that this is mainly a vista problem, not an xp one. in xp the msvcr80.dll would probably be fixed by replacing it.
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    Re: msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

    Actually, the The main problem with msvcr80.dll error in outlook is that an add-in that you installed modified or created its own outlook.exe.manifest file in the Outlook installation directory. And to recover, locate and delete the “outlook.exe.manifest” file in the installation directory of your version of Outlook.

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    Re: msvcr80.dll error in outlook(fix I have found)

    You can download the missing msvcr80.dll file from the link provided below:

    After downloading the missing msvcr80.dll file, restore this file into System32 folder.

    Path to System32 folder is:
    C:/ Windows / System32
    Note: C: Drive is your Window Drive.
    You may need to restart your PC in order to make the changes effective. This is the source, which is best for solving this sort of dll related issues.

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