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Thread: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

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    Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    I'm new to MS Project (2002) I need to create tasks that are repeated: all first days of each month, every 2nd days of each month. All the 3rd days of each month etc etc... But not public holidays. But the options we can choose the first Monday or the first Tuesday...Does anyone have a tip? Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    You can do that is following these steps:
    1 Create a special calendar where you specify the days.
    • Fihi / Tools / Change Working Time to create calendar customize.

    2 - Create your repetitive task as follows:
    • Insertion/Tache Repetitive
    • Involve your calendar for this task
    • if not the project schedule
    • Specify the start date and the date of
    • end of this task
    • Specify the frequency of execution

    (Daily for your case)

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    Re: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    Inserting a task repetitive is useful for tasks such as meetings. In the Name of the task in the Gantt chart, place your cursor over the task for which you want to insert over a repetitive task. On the Insert menu and click Subsribe repetitive task in the dialog the relevant data to your repetitive task: Name, Time, Event, Beginning, Ending. click OK. If a meeting is scheduled during a holiday, MS Project will open a dialog box informing you that the task occurs during nonworking time and ask if you want the task to be deferred to the period worked closest or not. I do not think it necessary to apply a calendar to a repetitive task. In addition, you can modify the fields of a single occurrence of the repetitive task without affecting other instances. Danielle Bergevin, 30-793-00 course management software project, group W01, winter 2004 session.

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    Re: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    Method 1 - Based on the first day of the month.

    Indicate project that the task should be the 1st of each month.
    * Frequency Monthly
    * The "1" "every" month

    Project informs you that some tasks arrive during nonworking time. Correct the problem by clicking "yes" to ask to postpone the project task the working day closest. The problem is that if you want to do a task then the 2nd of each month, he could have the resource contention that it will level off. Finally, it does not exactly answer to your problem.

    Method 2 - Based on the first weekday of the month.

    Tell your repetitive task Project is the first Monday of each month. But I do not think it meets your needs.
    * Frequency Monthly
    * The "First" Monday "" every "month

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    Re: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    You can mention this process as Method 3. Based on a personalized schedule task manual. The only way to do exactly what you want (I knew her, without VBA programming) is to create a personalized calendar for each repetitive task. Thus saith the help on this: "If you apply a base calendar to a task and resource schedules resources allocated to it, this task is provided on the working time schedule and its common schedules its resources." This means, in clear, when the dates match, the job will be done. Here is a simple example to test the concept (do a test project to test the concept):
    • Create 3 calendars.
    • Set (each) time slot to follow (from 8h to 12h, 13h to 17h for example).
    • Then, very importantly, for the calendar METHOD3-1, select all the days after the first working day and choose "idle", so that only the first working day is not busy.
    • Do the same for each succeeding month. (I did it from May to December 2004.)
    • For calendar METHOD3-2, do the same for each month, leaving only the second business day not a holiday. By faois it happens on 2 of the month, the other 3.
    • Ditto for the calendar METHOD3-3: only the 3rd working day is not busy. Others before and after are. Sometimes it happens on 3, 5 of the other months.

    Now that we have our three calendars, create your first summary task:
    * Name: METHOD3-1
    * Frequency Monthly, "1" every "month.
    * End after occurrences 8 (ending December)
    * Calendar: METHOD3-1

    Ok! Say "yes" to the Project for warning that the tasks are fixed.

    For the second task repetitive the second business day of each month:
    * Name: METHOD3-2
    * Frequency Monthly, "2" "every" month.
    * End after occurrences 8 (ending December)
    * Calendar: METHOD3-2

    Ok! and "yes".

    For the third:
    * Name: METHOD3-3
    * Frequency Monthly, "3" "all" months.
    * End after occurrences 8 (ending December)
    * Calendar: METHOD3-3

    Ok! and "yes".

    Now look at the Gantt chart to see the miracle happen. Repetitive tasks are respectively the first day, second and third working day of each month. It takes more work with the calendars, but this is the only possible method I know. If you have problems, let me know. Months it works fine. If it sets your problem, well! let me know! I'm thrilled! Although you and good luck.

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    Re: Create repetitive tasks in MS Project

    All these explanations are quite complicated:
    just create a repetitive task monthly, and the date the 1st of each month. If the 1st of the month is a jur off, MS-project proposes to postpone the task at first following business day or not to create. So, if you really want the 1st of each month, first make sure to have an appropriate timetable. Thank you for your participation. I do not have lpus rocket science, but your answer does not give solution to the problem of contention. The initial request was to have a spot repetition "1" which would be the first working day of each month. What you said in your explanation to answer the request. But falait also create a repetitive task "2" (so different) which is the second business day of each month. And a repetitive task "3" the third working day of each month. My solution and my explanations, no matter what "very complicated", answered the problem. But I shall require no less than to have a simpler solution, too. I do not use MS Project or even Windows, I took a course and is compulsory for this course I learned Project. If there are better, so I will have the pleasure to read ... for my personal knowledge.

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