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Thread: how do I Load CD software(microsoft office)onto a netbook

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    how do I Load CD software(microsoft office)onto a netbook

    Hey guys I need some urgent help. I already have a Office 2007Home and student CD with 4 license bought last month itself. I copy is running on my desktop. Yesterday I received my new Samsung Netbook and want to install second office copy on the same but there is no CD/DVD drive provided. Neither I have any external Cd drive.

    So what I wanted to know is do I need to download another copy of Office for installing on my netbook by spending dollars? Is there any alternate software which can help me out with this?

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    First of all you must know that Office 2007 Home and student comes with 3 license and not 4. Secondly if you don’t have external drive than what you can do is Insert the CD in your desktop computer and copy entire content to a folder. Now copy that folder to USB drive, connect it to your Netbook and run the setup from this folder’s root. It will install the office suite without any problems.

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    Re: how do I Load CD software(microsoft office)onto a netbook

    I copied the CD to a USB Memory Stick and transferred the same to my netbook. The message was that a file is missing and to try with the original CD. I am not sure if what is said is thus correct. Please advise.

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    Re: how do I Load CD software(microsoft office)onto a netbook

    Did you set Explorer to show Hidden and System files before you copied? If you didn't then it's possible you didn't copy all the files.. So first set to "Show hidden files" and copy the CD again.

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