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Thread: Can't install Office 2003 SP3 because of missing file proplus.msi.

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    Can't install Office 2003 SP3 because of missing file proplus.msi.

    My friend gave me his Office 2003 SP3 CD. He bought another system in which he got Office pre-installed. So I can use this one for my XP system. When I inserted the CD it showed up a autoplay option to perform the setup. The set was going fine but after a few while there was a error saying that not able to install Office 2003 due to some missing proplus.msi file. I am not able to figure out the issue. The cd looks fine. Where can I find this proplus.msi file. Can I replace that manually.

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    It looks like the CD is damage. The setup will not at all continue without that file. You have to arrange a new setup, but you can still you the key to activate your product. There is no way to manually provide the setup of proplus.msi. It is an automated process. One thing you can try. You can copy the entire cd in your pc and then run the setup. You have to ensure that the all the files are properly copied.

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    I got the same error while installing Office on XP Pro Home Edition. I do not understand the reason behind the error. The CD use to work fine and I had use several time to install office whenever I format my system. I am having Sony laptop. I contacted them to deliver me the new copy of recovery disc. The setup was proper in that. There was no problem with it. The entire system restored with all the default application which came installed in it.

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    I am having a suggestion but I am doubtful whether that would really work or not. What if I can download a pirated edition of Office from web and then activate that using my key. I think this would work. Because even I am facing the same kind of problem and it looks the issue is much common to many.

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    The setup is damaged. There is nothing you can do. You will need to arrange a new setup. I hope you can find a trail setup of office and then use your key to activate the same to full version. That would be a good option compared to getting a pirated version which can infect your system with more threats.

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