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Thread: Not able to open .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx files in Microsoft Office

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    Office Enterprise 2007 - can't open, fix, or remove

    After upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 I am facing issue with opening XLS and other word files. I am not able to open any of those. I am not having a backup for the same. I cannot understand why suddenly this files suddenly stopped working. I hope there would some option to fix the same. I think the problem lies with upgrade. I must install the software from scratch instead of upgrading the same.

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    What kind of error you are facing. It is better you must run a repair setup and then check back. Atleast there must be a message on the screen saying that the office application crash due to some reason. On that basis it would be better to reconfigure the application and then work on the same. You must re-install office and then test again. I am sure it will work well.

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    I faced the issue due to broken windows installer. Later on I performed Windows Update and it was fixed. I installed Microsoft office back from scratch and it worked fine. There was no issue with the same. It is better if you use the cd rom for the installation. Any missing or corrupt file will be replaced if you run the setup and it might work. Or else another option left is to simply run system restore to get old settings back.

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    Upgrades never work for me. I had also performed a upgrade and only after that things went wrong. Office stopped working. Instead of running upgrade it is much better that you install it from scratch. Some old files, macros, etc are buggy enough to stop the applications. And then the result come out is to install it once again. So why to waste time in upgrade. Just perform a clean installation once again and then check back. I am sure it will work properly.

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    Are you using Vista. If yes the you must have not performed upgrades. Installing that from scratch is recommended. Try to get the download once gain and the run the setup. Ensure that there is no problem with the installation. Later on run windows update and check again. If still the same is not working try to disable your antivirus and try. I am sure it would work properly.

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    Not able to open .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx files in Microsoft Office

    I am facing problem with open doc, docx, xls, etc file on Office 2007. I had just recent upgraded to Office 2007 and now facing issue with files. None of them is working. I cannot open any files. The names are fine and the files are also not corrupted. I had kept a backup and now I need help to use it. I cannot open any of my old files. I hope there will be some way to fix the same.

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    Try to run a repair setup. That is the only thing you can do. It is recommended that you must first backup the files so that if in the process your files are damaged you can atleast keep a copy of one with yourself. Or else you might loose data. There is no way to restore that but somehow if you run a repair setup things will be working fine.

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    Just reinstall the same and then check back. The issue may lie with the internal system files which are damage due to which you are facing the problem. It may be not complicated to find a solution for such a small issue. You must re-install the office and then check back.

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